The Central Arava region is a magnificent region with a tremendous business and tourism potential. Regional Council deals with realizing the potential of the region, by developing business ventures in tourism, industry and trade.
In the Central Arava there are about 600 families living in 7 villages, and the population earns a living mostly from farming. The Agriculture is highly advanced and has one of the highest technological levels in the world, growing methods implement a "green" and clean environment, and is intended mostly for export.

The nature and the desert landscape are breathtaking and some of the most beautiful in the country.
The environment is free from the hustle and bustle of the city and air pollution, and gives a high quality of life, peace and health. The Council provides a proper level of quality services and places the utmost importance on absorbing more families to the area to populate them further, while maintaining the quality of life and the rural and green lifestyle and of the Arava.
The geographic location of the Arava and the history that accompanies it, along with scarce natural resources, tour routes and attractions, provide fertile ground for a huge tourist attraction.
Desert and rural tourism in the area is constantly developing.