Eilot Regional Council is the most southern regional council of the regional councils in the country. Within the councils boundaries there are 12 villages of which 10 are kibbutzs.
The area approximately 0.5 million acres and its territory is home to about 3300 people. Most residents of the region's economy is based on advanced and modern agriculture, date plantations, mainly of the 'medjool' species,vegetables, dairy and aquaculture.

The operational branch of agriculture is "Ardom" - which are regional factories, the branch is engaged in the representation of farmers against external factors and handles marketing, land and water development, transport, packaging, R & D and encourags innovation. Economic society is the economic branch of the Regional Council. It deals with the searching and finding of business opportunities to create a strong economic infrastructure for residents of the region. The Company conducts ongoing contact with entrepreneurs in various economic areas while maintaining the economic and environmental interests accoriding to the council's policy and the residents.
The company supports the establishment of the community and communal village Be'er Ora, the Landscape Architecture office, it runs Timna Park and runs the Nimra waste collection site.
Eilot Regional Council is the leading body in creating an alternative energy infrastructure, and mobilizing external support for government and experimental fields for creating and formulating a comprehensive system for energy production and the protection of the environment.