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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Presence and Awakening - Bliss

Anat Zahor
The retreat will inquire the states of Presence and Awakening. By practicing Yoga asana, breath awareness and meditation we will connect to our intuitive being through mindfulness practice and inquiry.
The benefits and fruits of " Presence and Awakening " are numerable for our well being, and for that we practice.
We will be practicing yoga asana, energy locks - Bandhas, breath patterns - Pranayama, mindfulness and concentration meditations for the purpose of invigorating interest and investigation to the path of self-realization.
At least a one year experience in asana practice is needed.
The workshop is suitable for practitioners who have been practicing Yoga for at least a year. There is no need for background and experience in meditation practice. The workshop is suitable for all Yoga practitioners who want to meet themselves in a deep and attentive practice.

Bring: Yoga mat (required) Seat cushion or blanket (preferably), Belts or strap (preferably), Wooden block (possible), Bolster (possible), Blanket or two (preferably).

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