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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Keren Orosa

Yoga on the water
I came back to Yoga more than a decade ago, as a surfer. I wanted to protect and strengthen my back that was beginning to send signals of distress. During my first pregnancy and childbirth and during Yoga practice, I came to understand the body’s inner strength, and the power of the body-mind connection. This is also when, at my usual surfing place at the Hilton beach, Tel-Aviv, I met my teacher – Alexander Kaganovitch, an 84-year-old Hatha Yogi who came every day to practice on the pier. He adopted me and my personal practice became his – on the pier, with the sea and nature. It was a blessing for me – to breathe sea air during practice, to be surrounded by and connected to the earth, the sea, sky, myself… I wanted more of it. More sea and more Yoga.
This is how this combination came into being: “SeaYoga” – a space of health at the sea: Yoga on the pier, Yoga in the water, and Yoga on a stand-up paddle board (SUP), which in those days had only just arrived to Israel. At the time, it was a revolutionary vision. The Heart of the Sea Club company were impressed by my ideas and allowed me develop them professionally. The beginning was truly pioneering, both from my side and from the side of the people who came in and tried the experience. Today the group of students is growing steadily, and some of them have adopted the SUP Yoga and the sea as a permanent practice and a lifestyle. I’m happy to see SUP Yoga as a rapidly developing field in Israel and across the world, and as a bridge that connects people from the Yoga world to the water sports world, and vice versa. The combination of the two creates a magical practice experience.
My encounter with the teachings of beloved Ariella Orpaz from the Israeli Yoga Center introduced me to the mysteries of the Tibetan Heart Yoga, which brings the level of consciousness into the physical practice. I continued for the Yoga teacher training there, and realized how important it is to pass it forward to as many people as possible. That is what encourages me to teach, evolve and grow.
I am also an architect and a life coach by training. I am a wife and a mother of two, and I love the sea in all its manifestations.
These days I devote all my energy to propagate, illuminate and to bring Yoga and the sea closer to as many people as possible.
Keren Orosa – entrepreneur and co-founder of “SeaYoga - a space of health at the sea” at the Heart of the Sea (Lev HaYam) surfing club at Hilton beach, Tel-Aviv.