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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Hadar Hod And Rotem Ratner-

Hadar Hod:
I have been teaching Yoga for 16 years. I am a certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher, and in my teaching I also incorporate elements from Iyenger Yoga (working with supporting accessories) and Vinyasa (dynamic Yoga that focuses on the Assanas and explores the movement between them, in coordination with breath).
I have taught for about 10 years in Moshav Bnei Atarot in central Israel, and today I teach at Tzukim in the Arava. I live close by in Moshav Faran, with my partner, Itay, and my chidren, Lior and Zohar.
Teaching Yoga is based on experience, exploration and studying which have been accumulated over the years. I believe that they are the key to experiencing a change within during the practice. I teach my classes according to my guiding principles: surrender, honesty, modesty, attention and love.
I found Yoga when I was 25. A severe car accident threw me off my course. In the Yoga practice I found what I was looking for: the combination of physical, emotional and spiritual work. With perseverance and will power, thanks to the Yoga practice I got my life back on track. Gradually, the practice became a daily one.
For me, Yoga is a gift I received, which connects me to the essence of my being. It gives me moments of presence and allows me to meet life’s challenges with honesty and empowerment. The Yoga practice brings us back to ourselves, to who we truly are. The practice is like a compass, it reminds me where the center is and what direction to flow into. Yoga for me is a tool for strengthening my backbone, on all levels. It allows a gathering of people that is based on good intentions. Yoga opens our heart and expands, so that we can realize our full potential, so that we can give and love unconditionally. Thanks to the path of Yoga, I experience more moments of presence and connection, and a more peaceful, energetic, balanced, healthy and focused life.

Rotem Ratner:

I was born and raised in Moshav Faran, at the Arava. Now that I am married and a mother of three, I still live in and breathe the desert. I own and manage a Yoga studio and a guesthouse that my husband and I have built from scratch (
I have been practicing Yoga for over two decades, and teaching for 16 years. Yoga for me is a journey inward, an opportunity to meet the deepest layers of myself. By peeling off the trivial, the substantial revels itself; less becomes more; the focus inward allows more concentration, peace, and clarity. No matter what is your religion, gender, or age, it is an amazing way to cleanse and improve – to become a better person; to live in a world with more love and less fear, with more health and self-acceptance and less dejection and sadness. From a place of exploration and curiosity, every moment is meaningful, and every experience has a purpose.
Both my personal practice and my teaching have changed and shifted as a result of different influences during the years, from different teachers and different styles I had studied, such as: Ashtanga, Vijnana, Feminine Yoga, prenatal Yoga, Yoga therapy and Viniyoga.
Yoga is a lifestyle for me; I am thankful for the light it brought into my life.