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הודעה נשלחה בהצלחה

Shiva & Shakti - Ashtanga Yoga miri&Gili Haruvi

Dr. Gilad and Miri Harouvi
Well, after 45 years of Ashtanga in the world and 31 years in Israel - what is the internal message of Yoga philosophy as it can be expressed in the Ashtanga series? What makes it possible to advance against the deceptive mental dune of the advanced series? Is our goal the physical abilities of the artists of the "Circus of the Sun"?

Come, let's bring the disappointed thoughts, prejudices, and authoritarian conditioning to the dune We will practice the flow of the strong stream between the first, second and third series. We will delve deeper into the pranayama series dedicated to practice and its importance And we shall speak, and we shall learn, and we shall observe, and we shall understand; The hair is already silvery, but the experience is golden... Can you practice what you preach? Practice just that - Join us on a journey in Yoga Arava 2018! We will release the pashas, call the wagos, channel the Kundalini, expand the lungs, and relax the consciousness. See you there!

In this year's workshops we will gradually and intensively become accustomed to the progress of the timeline. Each lesson will take about 3 hours. There will be one physical workout each day, and the additional lessons will include discussion, information and complementary exercises. In the classes we will begin the practice of pranayama - a little more each day, until the completion of the practice series. Followed by Asana: the Ashtanga series. We will progress steadily and at a steady pace based on breathing - from the prepared to the ready (from the first series (Yoga Tsikitsa) to the second (Nadi Shudhana, which is also the name of the famous Pranayama practice) and from it to the third (Satira Bahaga) and the Shavasana. We will always end in Pratyahara / Dharana / Dhyana.
The workshop would take place at